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About project

Primary activity of the company «Trade house of  Malaysia» (THM) – all-round assistance rendering to the Russian and Malaysian companies in an establishment of business contacts.

For the most effective goal achievement «Trade house of  Malaysia» has founded the advertising printing edition with the same name "Trade house of  Malaysia", leaving simultaneously in Russian and English languages, and also has created B2B an Internet portal.
“Trade house of  Malaysia” performs such functions, as:

1. Promotion at the markets of Malaysia, Russia and CIS countries companies-producers of goods and services:

Creation of virtual representation at a trading site;
Advertising on pages of the Internet portal THM;
Advertising in the magazine with the same name «Trade house of  Malaysia»;
Target posting on a database and distribution at exhibitions of a corresponding profile;
Advertising at other mass-media, at wish of the customer, including by TV.

2. Organization of meetings, seminars and conferences for the interested Malaysian companies with their potential customers, both at territory of  Russia, and at territory of  Malaysia.

For more complete and productive mutual relations at wish, both Malaysian, and the Russian companies, THM will organize seminars and conferences for corresponding profile directions.

3. Functions as a representative of  Malaysian companies at the territory of  Russian Federation and carrying on negotiations.
THM at desire and the order both one company, and group of the profile companies, will incur representation functions that will accelerate and will improve mutual relations with the Russian buyers.
The location of head office of the company in Moscow (i.e. direct near to potential customers that gives the chance to them to overcome it huge distance) will allow to carry on negotiations, both on profile directions, and on concrete factories and manufacturers, thereby considerably increasing number of possible buyers.
4. Organization both long-term and short-term international exhibitions of the companies, the goods and services of various directions of the Malaysian companies.

There are 3 exhibition centers in Moscow specializing on carrying out of the international exhibitions:

1.Expocenter (Red Presnya).
2. Crocus-Expo (MKAD, Volokolamsk Highway).
3. All-Russia Exhibition Centre (Mira prospect).

THM by the instructions of the Malaysian companies (both one company and groups in profile directions), will help to organize participation at corresponding profile exhibitions.
As well THM can organize small local exhibitions, as for one, and the groups of companies interested in promotion of the goods and services.

5. Organization of business trips and presentations.

For more fruitful dialogue with potential buyers personal meetings are necessary. It strengthens partnership. THM will help all concerned parties with tourist's-trips both to Russia, and to Malaysia.

6. All-round assistance and consultations for the Malaysian companies.

Both as Russian and the Malaysian companies will have many questions on specificity of work between the countries, visiting and stay in the countries, realization of business processes. THM by consultations will reduce all questions to a minimum that will simplify dialogue and will create a condition for successful bilateral business.

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