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A.T. Design

A.T. Design
Address: Russia, Moscow.
Phones: +7 495 660-15-57
Fax: +7 495 660-15-57

The company offers stylish furniture of  high quality.
The furniture from Malaysia is:
- Convenient, beautiful, very strong furniture;
- Organically looks in the modern house;
- Made of a file of a rubber tree hevea which wood isn't subject to rotting, doesn't absorb water and smells;
- Made of non-polluting materials;
- Excellent quality of assemblage;
- The European design;
- Doesn't demand special leaving;
- Have the elegant invoice;
A.T. Design is a solid collective of professionally qualified specialists which main principle is absolute competence and an individual approach to each customer. Each client will receive the complete information and consultation on all its interesting questions, concerning furniture and a home decoration.
The company offers wide assortment of furniture for drawing rooms and bedrooms, lunch groups, sofas and armchairs, coffee and serving trolleys, buffets and dressers, and also a wide choice of accessories (plant stands, hangers, mirrors, magazine racks, rocking-chairs).



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