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The ceremony of changing the brand program "Malaysia - My Second Home".

In March 2009г, in the restaurant Saloma Bistro and Theatre at the Tourist center of Malaysia on street Jalan Ampang in Kuala Lumpur, His Highness the Crown Prince of the State of Kelantan, Tengku Muhammad Faris Petra Sultan Ismail Petra Ibni, officially declared the changing of the brand the program "Malaysia - my second home."
This program approved by the government has been installed under the present name in 2002, for the purpose of attraction of foreign citizens on a constant residence to Malaysia. If since 1996 it was known as "Program for the gray-haired, now age limit for participation in it no longer exists. Foreigners, whose status responds with its requirements, are provided with permission to stay in the country on personal business (social visit pass) with the multiple reusable visa, valid for 10 years and be renewable after that period. Program participants are entitled to unlimited entry and departure from Malaysia on their own.
Change of a brand of the program «Malaysia – my second house» is dictated by aspiration of the Ministry of tourism of the country to make it more attractive to participants and more effective. As a result, it should not function merely as a tourist event, promoting the inflow of foreign citizens for a long stay in the country or stay here after the withdrawal of cases. Now it challenge will be to boost economic and investment activities by attracting people who has the wherewithal to create joint ventures with local businesses. In order to increase the number of participants in the program of "Malaysia - My Second Home" have made a number of improvements:

• Foreigners can submit an application to participate directly in the center of the program "Malaysia - My Second Home", or continue to use the services of agents licensed by ministry.

• Qualifiers participants of 50 and older who have professional competence and qualifications in demand the key sectors of the economy, are allowed to work, subject to authorization of the Commission for Emigrants.

• Highly encourage investment and business activities of members the program "Malaysia - My Second Home" in various industries.

• Spouses of Malaysian citizens who have foreign citizenship, will also be given the opportunity to live in the country under the "Malaysia - My Second Home" or a special program for spouses.

• Permits to stay in the country on personal business with a 10-year validity period will be extended to all participants in the Programme for the gray-haired "and the program" Malaysia - My Second Home ", before receiving the authorization for 5 years.

• Individuals wishing to participate in the "Malaysia - My Second Home" and having a work permit after the expiration of this authorization shall be exempt from the probationary period of six months.

• Participants of the program will be issued identity card with address of permanent residence in Malaysia.

• The age limit for unmarried dependent children increased from 18 to 21 years

In addition to the program put in a number of administrative improvements. These include the following:

• The opening of independently functioning “Centre of one visit” for those who wishes to participate in the program

• Providing opportunities for direct appeal to the center, bypassing the services of a licensed agent

These innovations are designed to serve to benefit not only the participants of the program "Malaysia - my second home", but the whole population. They should contribute not only the increasing of state revenues, but the acquisition of additional knowledge, skills and qualifications, which participants can offer their second home.

Change of brand programs with attendant innovations are aimed to engage large numbers of foreigners having the means who can live here, making investments in the local economy.

For more information, please visit Center Program of the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia at: Malaysia My Second Home Centre (MM2H), Ministry of Tourism Malaysia, Level 23, Menara Dato’ Onn, Putra World Trade Centre, Kuala Lumpur, а также по телефонам: +603-2696 3367/2696 3354/2696 3361.

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