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Putting before itself aim to improve development of  trading, economic and cultural mutual relations between Moscow and Malaysian partners, Moscow Commercial and industrial Chamber has been created Commission on trade and economic cooperation with partners in Malaysia which is headed by the founder and the head of  "the Trade house of  Malaysia».
Commission task is determination of the factors complicating improvement of development both trading - economic mutual relations, and a cultural exchange between the countries, and the offer of decisions on reduction of influence of the above-stated factors and cooperation optimization.

Determining value in mutual relations between the countries has knowledge of the country, its history, its production, quality of  the goods and services, a level of  living and a political situation, business and actually about country development. That, in turn, will lead to improvement of trading - economic relations.
Without these constituting improvement in development of  mutual relations between the countries will occur slowly and slantindicularly.
Commission of  Moscow Commercial and industrial Chamber on Trade and economic cooperation with partners in Malaysia offer to sign the Memorandum of  intentions with the subsequent signing of corresponding necessary contracts between the authorized commercial structures of  Malaysia and Russia, appointed on the above-stated Memorandum, for realization of all necessary tasks.

By negotiations between Commission and Matrade to arrange the task list and to specify ways of their realization.

Infra applied the task list for discussion and adjustment:

Informing of  Russians in mass-media and the Internet about Malaysia:

History of the country;
Investment projects.

Actively to develop a cultural-information exchange:

Concerts, art exhibitions;
The organization and carrying out of days of  Malaysia in Moscow;
The organization and carrying out of days of  Moscow in Malaysia;
The organization business-trips for representatives of business of  both countries;
Visiting of corresponding manufactures;
The organization of  seminars and conferences with participation of representatives of  business of  Russia and Malaysia;
The organization and the help in participation in regular international exhibitions of all interested business -structures of  both countries.


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